Friday Review: A New Darkness

A chilling new trilogy
from the author of the internationally bestselling The Last Apprentice
series! Tom Ward is an apprentice no longer—now he is a fully fledged
spook battling boggarts, witches, and other creatures of the dark. This
three-book arc will introduce brand-new readers to Joseph Delaney’s
haunting world, and delight longtime fans.
Tom Ward is the spook,
the one person who can defend the county from ghosts, ghasts, boggarts,
witches, and other bloodthirsty creatures of the dark. But he’s only
seventeen, and his apprenticeship was cut short when his master died in
battle. No one trusts Tom’s skill, not till he’s proven himself. And a
fifteen-year-old girl named Jenny knows more about the three mysterious
deaths in the county than Tom does. She is a seventh daughter of a
seventh daughter and she wants to be Tom’s first apprentice—even though a
female spook is unheard of. Together, Tom and Jenny will uncover the
grave danger heading straight toward the county, and they’ll team up
with a witch assassin to confront it.

I read this back around Halloween and found it really enjoyable. Even
though it’s more for middle school ages but I liked it. The lead Tom
Ward is a strong lead for the story that brings out the action and
mystery. Jenny brings such a lightness and helps developed a more
dangerous side to the story; as she’s just fifteen. During the last
few chapters was hard to put down not know how it was going to end.
Throughout the book there’s parts that I held my breath and ‘biting
my nails’ as I wasn’t sure who was going to live or die. The
creatures in the book are described so well that I could see they in
my head. The writing style is full of description and action. This is
a book for readers who enjoy more action and creatures.

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