Pre-order “The Fallen Shadows: Into The Light (Book One) by @RebeccaRCohen1

    Thrilled to announce that you can now pre-order the first book of author,
Rebecca R Cohen’s new series, “The Fallen Shadows: Into The Light (Book
One)!” Visit website and click the “Buy Now” button to pre-order your copy today!
Katharine Macklemore had her life entirely mapped out. She was going to go to
Harvard Law School and become a world-class lawyer but one frightful
night in the town quarry derailed her plans. After being
viciously attacked by a grotesque creature, Katharine meets the
mysteriously attractive Ash who teaches her about her true destiny. With
her best friend Molli at her side, she is thrust into a world she’d
only heard about in Sunday school. Now Katharine must join a war she
never knew existed, a war that has been going on for centuries between
The Guides and the Descended.
    As Katharine gets used to her new reality she learns devastating news
about her best friend and finds out that Ash is far more mysterious than
she could have ever imagined.

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