Guest Post with Thee Amazing Myrabev

photo1Hi there! I am Miranda (aka Myrabev) I blog at AJD and MC. Thank you KayCee for allowing me to guest post today, I wanted to give people a chance to know a bit about the blogger behind the blogs (AJD/MC) so I am doing a “Get to know me” Tag post.  I rung #Freebie Fridays twice a month on AJD and I have a blogaversary coming up for AJD which will run on both blogs from Friday 4th July till 27th July. Now sit back and relax as I answer the 21 questions below.

**I first saw this type on tag on April’s blog**

  • Are you named after someone? Yes my middle name I got from my paternal grandmother and first name was the mid-way point between Mariam and Miriam.

  • When was the last time you cried? I am a cry baby, I was watching heroes returning home video clicks on YouTube and I cried like a fool.

  • Do you have kiddos? No, but hope to soon (God willing).

  • If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? Probably, only because I like to make friends even though at times I get scared.

  • Do you have a guilty pleasure; does eating chocolates when no one is looking and hiding it count as a guilty pleasure?

  • Do you like your handwriting? Actually I do because I tried for years to copy my mum who always wins awards for her good handwriting skills so I would like to think so.

  • What’s your favourite cereal? Well I am more a porridge person but if pressed special K!

  • What’s the first thing you notice about people? Ok I will split this into men and women, so women – the smile or lack thereof and for men – the backside, I know this is strange but I don’t know why. I guess the first time I saw my partner’s back side I was strung lol. His smile, his physic is all great and I love it but the back side puts an even bigger smile on my face (weird right?).

  • What is your eye colour? Brown

  • Scary movie or happy endings? Happy endings always, no bone for scary movies I am chicken.

  • Favourite TV show? Too many to mention but at present since its back I will say “Rookie Blue”

  • Summer or winter? Summer, I can’t stand the cold I hate it even more so cause I have to lay onto of layers to stay warm. Having almost not fat under the skin kinda sucks in winter (can’t keep me warm).

  • Hugs or kisses? Both simple as lol

  • What’s furthest you’ve ever been from home? When we moved from Zambia to UK, that’s the furthest.

  • Do you have special talents? Does singing soprano at church count? If not then no none.

  • Where were you born? Konkola hospital, chililabombwe, Zambia. I bet you’ve never heard of any of these places before.

  • What are your hobbies? Blogging, reading/writing, travelling and definitely chatting too much

  • Do you have any pets? No, but I am a dog lover just don’t have the time to give the time and attention needed.

  • Favourite movie? Too many but the Die-hard franchise

  • What colour is your car? Well the future car will be everything but orange, red, green or any neon shade but at moment no car so no colour.

  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Well since 27 is not grown up yet I will say most definitely a mummy to three (if they don’t come all at once – have husband who is triplet kind puts the curse at the ready.)

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