Welcome to Spilling Words

                         This is my new WordPress, this is one I’ll be posting from. Spilling Words is what I call when I get hit with the writing bug and the words just flow out of me before I can even think about what I’m typing. I love when I’m writing and that happens; the words and my mind taking over my finger tips. Spilling Words is my WordPress blog and then I have Wonder Struck my blogger blog. Its easy to say I love writing but writing it really what I love doing. Making worlds that I have the power to make something that could mean something to someone is the reason I love writing. Having the ability to tell a story that someone may enjoy, is like a little piece of magic in its own why. The more words that spill from me the happier I see myself. Words have power, that’s the truth. When I think about sharing my stories, I get butteries. But maybe that’s a good thing, something I can get over or maybe its something I can’t but all I know is writing is special…


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